Garbage reform has begun in Russia


Since 2019, a new system of solid municipal waste management has been introduced in Russia. It has already been implemented in 16 regions, but Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol were allowed to postpone the "garbage reform" until 2022.

According to the Ministry of natural resources, the system aims to radically change the principles and mechanisms of collection, sorting, processing and disposal of garbage. In fact, Russia is creating a new sector of the economy and modern infrastructure, including new waste processing complexes and landfills.

According to the reform, the disposal of waste within the boundaries of settlements is prohibited. The new system assumes the disposal of a minimum amount of garbage.

The task of 2019 is to organize the sorting of garbage in two containers. We are talking about the division into dry and wet waste. After that, it will be possible to increase the volume of waste disposal in the first year of the reform.

In addition, the work of regional operators on the treatment of MSW is changing, Interfax reports.



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