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Wasma 2023
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"For us, the exhibition is a convenient place to meet
with our regular customers - operators -
and an opportunity to boost our image: to remind
to remind about ourselves on the market, to demonstrate our equipment. I have been participating in Wasma since 2010 and in my opinion this year's exhibition is a record one in terms of the percentage of participants and equipment: there have never been so many real live exhibits at Wasma".
Join the active players in the pump and compressor equipment market"

Stanislav Sorokopud,
Commercial Director,

"At the exhibition we met with partners with whom we have been in dialogue for a long time, in order to demonstrate the separator and bring the deal closer. With one of the companies we signed the first stage of the contract at the exhibition. The next step is to agree on the details
and shipment of finished products. Also we had a task to find new customers. Within 3 days we have received about 15 new applications"
Mikhail Ryabkov, Technical Director of Aksalit

Mikhail Ryabkov,
Technical Director of Aksalit
Wasma 2023
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"For us, participation in the exhibition means being in the public eye, showing that the company is stable, that it has money, showing that it hasn't disappeared from the market. It gives us the opportunity to make several touches with a potential customer, which is important in the implementation of our projects from 100 million rubles to several billion business."

Evgeniya Zoshchuk,
PR and Marketing Manager,
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Wasma 2022
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"Wasma 2022 - a large number of visitors and new contacts from various fields and industries that we are interested in.

Nikita Pavlovich,
Head of Marketing,

"Wasma is an exhibition that helps to synchronize watches, to understand and assess what is happening in the industry, how it develops, to exchange important information, to see colleagues from the regions, and to outline plans for further development."

Dmitry Galankin,
Deputy General Director for Investment and Development,
Wasma 2022
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"Wasma is most relevant this year. The market has faced challenges, and clients are looking for more active solutions right now."

Alexei Leonov,
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Wasma previous years
"At Wasma we were able to communicate with a large number of real customers who are interested in solving specific environmental problems."

Dmitry Rabtsevich,
General Director,
"There is a large number of potential clients at the exhibition. It is a promising business platform. Everyone who was interested came to get acquainted with the equipment, asked questions, there is positive feedback."

Andrey Istomin,
Head of Recycling Department,
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"A big plus at Wasma 2021 is the offline format, as our equipment is highly specialised and requires a description of the technological characteristics and a visual demonstration for our customers."

Kirill Krylov,
Presona Rus
"This is the first time we have taken part in the Wasma exhibition. The expectations were more than fulfilled with 40-50 effective contacts, and the total number of interested visitors to our stand is much higher. We plan to take part in the exhibition in the future."

Konstantin Roslyakov,
Chief engineer,
Intelligent Systems
"Wasma 2021 surprised a huge number of target visitors with an interesting and varied business programme. We haven't seen so many interested visitors at other exhibitions."

Marina Runova,
Marketing team leader,

"Participation in the Wasma exhibition exceeded expectations; there were quite a lot of visitors and they were actively interested in our equipment. We received more than 100 targeted contacts."

Anna Sharmina,
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"We have been participating in Wasma since 2010. The exhibition provides a very high-quality visitors. All visitors are people who work in the industry and its experts."

Konstantin Maykov,
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
"We have been participating in Wasma for several years. In comparison with previous years, the exhibition has become more popular, the number of visitors has increased significantly, and there is a great interest from potential customers."

Katarina Shishko,
Export Sales Specialist,
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Exhibiting at Wasma is an effective tool of equipment and technologies for waste management, recycling and wastewater treatment promotion on the Russian market
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