Wasma 2018: New Technologies in the New Waste Management System


On 23–25 October 2018, Sokolniki ECC in Moscow will host the 15th Anniversary International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Waste Management, Recycling and Wastewater Treatment Wasma.

Wasma is a specialised annual exhibition introducing visitors to the equipment designed to collect, transport, sort out, process, and recycle industrial and household waste, as well as to wastewater treatment equipment.

This year, the new waste management system will take its final shape, under which every region is supposed to have one or multiple operators responsible for the removal of MSW. As of August 2018, 71 Russian regions have already named their operators; the remaining 14 regions have not completed election process yet (according to investinfra.ru).

The new waste management rules urge the companies directly engaged in waste removal and processing and the manufacturing companies to use new approaches and technologies in order to secure their goals in effective ways.

The exhibition will provide potential and existing regional operators with an opportunity to learn about the international and Russian experience in implementing a comprehensive waste management system; figure out the regulations and changes governing waste management; procedural and legal issues concerning conclusion and administration of contracts with companies involved in the MSW management cycle. A wide range of technologies presented at the exhibition will make it possible to choose the equipment required to set up a comprehensive waste management system.

Furthermore, pursuant to the Law on Wastes, owners of manufacturing companies will pay a lower charge for sorted MSW than for unsorted MSW. The garbage collection tariff will be lowered if consumers generate the wastes not subject to burial or incineration. At the exhibition, managers and environmental specialists of retail and industrial companies will be able to find bins and euro bins for bulky garbage collection, alongside with bins for separate collection; waste sorting equipment; waste pressing and crushing equipment; recycling equipment for rubber, polymer, and plastic products, as well as cardboard, glass, wood, and metal articles; biowaste disposal equipment; industrial wastewater treatment equipment.

This year, the exhibition and the business programme events will be supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation charged with a task to implement the Development Strategy for the Industrial and Household Waste Treatment, Recycling, and Neutralisation Industry until 2030.

90 foreign and Russian manufacturers and suppliers will display their equipment at Wasma.

The joint exposition under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will feature the following companies: Ecoproject, BitumProm, Cominvest-AKMT, INTERCOOP, BUMATIKA. The joint stand will introduce dummy thermal sterilising treatment plants for wastewater contaminated with Groups I-IV biopathogens, Russian household waste collection and transportation equipment, processing equipment for wastes produced by dismantling liquid roofing during overhaul or demolition involving production of new roofing materials.

Over 30 companies will exhibit at Wasma for the first time: Clever Bin, CRScompany, Doppstadt, Ionia E&T Co, KROMANN, Redwave, Setcleantech, Takase Tech, THM Recycling Solutions, Akonit, Alfa-Etalon, Nova Geomaterials, Piroliz-Ecoprom, Pnevmostroymasina, Techpolimer, Ecotech, etc.

The companies that missed the exhibition in the previous years are taking part in Wasma 2018: Tomra, Isobent, Infrastructure Project, Mega Drive, SPE Dynamics, etc.

The list of regular participants includes: R.C.P Sa, Walle, I-Plast, Aleco Machinery, Lanotek, Megalion, PK Olmag, Presona, Proshop, RG-EcoTech, Servipress, Torg-Koms, Zerma, Ecocom, Ecomashgroup, Eco-Potential, Ecotechnologies, etc.

The visitors of the exhibition will be able to see the waste management equipment in action, review its technical features, and ask their questions to company employees.

Thus, Presona will display LP 50 EH press featuring a pre-pressing technology. The assembled press is 4.5 m high.

Europolymer-Trading will demonstrate the operation of a single-rotor shredder on its stand. The reduction machine is intended for the pre-processing of bulky waste from different materials and reduction thereof to same-size particles.

Proshop will display multiple types of waste pressing equipment: ORWAK 3120 – a cardboard compaction press; TOMRA T-63 Hcp – a device that can sort and compact empty non-reusable beverage containers; OKLIN GG-10s – a food waste composter.

KROMANN’s stand will feature a truck-mounted 8-tonne hook system (KROMANN MS8SA) with a 1,200 mm articulated jib.

A natural functioning dummy of the spinning drum separator (scale – 1:10) scattering glass beads in fractions will be installed on ECOTECH’s stand.

Modern Eco-Technologies will display rNature equipment for organic and food waste management.

CSort’s stand will present ZORKIY series colour sorter – an innovative high-capacity system intended for purification of various types of powdered raw materials (PET flakes, plastic granulate, secondary plastic granulate, ABS granulate, crushed plastic, etc.) from hard-separable impurities.

The business programme incudes a series of events aimed at ensuring a dialogue between regional operators and equipment manufacturers.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will organise a specialised conference “The Development Strategy for the Waste and Recycling Industry” where it will present the incentive mechanisms designed to encourage waste collectors, processors, and recyclers to switch over to Russian equipment.

Representatives of the Embassy of Sweden will hold a practice workshop “Swedish Household Waste Management Experience: Usability for Russian Realities” telling about how the Swedish waste management system is regulated and operated in practice.

Moreover, the business programme includes the Congress of manufacturers and importers bearing extended responsibility for recycling the produced or imported goods and packaging at the end of their useful life.

Professionals are invited to visit the exhibition free of charge by getting an e-ticket at www.wasma.ru.

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