Recycling will help fight landfills


According to the goals of the Ecology national project, by the end of 2024 the share of solid municipal waste (MSW) utilization in the total volume of generated MSW should reach 36%, and the share of waste sent for treatment should reach 60%.

Recycling will help fight landfills

The national project provides for the elimination of at least 191 unauthorized dumps and 75 most dangerous objects of accumulated environmental damage by the appointed time. However, in fact, there are more than 1,500 landfills, the work of which should be stopped, RBC reported with reference to the Russian environmental operator (REO).

The decision that the EPR institute should be brought into line with the tasks of reforming the waste management industry was made back in September last year with the previous government of the Russian Federation. Since then, several concepts of the EPR system have been presented to the public, including those that provide for the complete abolition of the right of companies to independently manage waste, as well as the transfer of responsibility from manufacturers of goods in packaging to manufacturers of packaging and an increase in recycling standards to 100%.

The industry participants oppose changes that will destroy the existing mechanisms for the participation of producers in recycling, created over the five years of operation of the EPR system - we are talking, in particular, about the independent implementation of EPR through special associations. According to Maxim Novikov, it is precisely such collaborations that form the responsible attitude of manufacturers to the materials used.

Now there is a discussion of the future EPR system with all interested parties in the framework of the working group created by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government Victoria Abramchenko. As the Deputy Prime Minister said recently, the final version will be considered at the end of the year, and the federal scheme for MSW management, which is being prepared by the Russian ecological operator, will allow the ROP to be integrated into the garbage reform.

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