EcoLine will recycle four tons of plastic caps assembled for the “Kind Lids” project



A large batch - four tons - of plastic caps for the “Kind Lids” project was sent for recycling from the EcoLine sorting plant. Funds from the sale of recyclables will go to the account of the Volunteers to Help Orphans Charitable Foundation and will go to purchase rehabilitation equipment for adopted children with developmental disabilities.


EcoLine has been a partner in the Kind Lids project for more than a year and a half. The company helped send over 20 tons of caps for recycling. Over the entire period of the project’s existence - from December 2016 - “Kind Lids” helped 32 children from 16 regions of Russia.

- It is very important to provide a child with the right individual rehabilitation equipment! Verticalizers, walkers, exercise machines and prams give a chance to restore functions, but the most important thing is to help children become as independent as possible. Together with doctors, each child is selected equipment with the necessary functionality. This makes his life freer and happier,” says Anna Vinogradova, one of the initiators of the project “Kind Lids ”, vice president of the fund “Volunteers to help orphans”.

EcoLine supports the charity project in several directions: firstly, with infrastructure - collected lids can be handed over to any recyclable container in the territory of the Central Administrative Territory and Northern Administrative Territory, necessarily - in a closed five-liter bottle from under the water, the only way they will get to sorting and processing . Secondly, the company organizes warehouse and transport logistics - accumulates a large batch and transfers good caps to the processing enterprises along with sorted plastic bottles, because it is unprofitable to take a small batch of raw materials to the plant. In addition, EcoLine organizes the collection of caps for the action at events where it provides separate collection of waste.


“We communicate with a huge number of people who conduct separate gatherings and generally try to live environmentally friendly,” said Elena Vishnyakova, Deputy General Director of EcoLine Group of Companies. - Many of them say that they started with the Good Lids project, then they learned how much can be processed to preserve natural resources, and now they help both children and the planet.

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