Wasma 2019: Reflection of New Changes in the Russian Waste Management Industry


On 22–24 October 2019, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host the 16th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Waste Management, Recycling and Wastewater Treatment and the First International Environmental Technology Congress Wasma. The General Sponsor of the event will be EcoLine Group, a leading waste management operator in the Moscow Region.

Wasma is a specialised annual exhibition introducing visitors to the equipment designed to collect, transport, sort out, process, and recycle industrial and household waste, as well as to wastewater treatment equipment.

Nowadays the issues of environmental safety and living in a healthy and positive urban environment are particularly burning and find support and response at all level of public administration.

Starting from 2019, Russia switched to a new municipal solid waste management system. The key objective of the new system is to create infrastructure for waste collection, treatment and disposal, and to increase the share of recycling to 80 % by 2024. 

The new waste management rules urge the companies directly engaged in waste removal and processing and the manufacturing companies to use new approaches and technologies in order to secure their goals in effective ways.

This year the exhibition and the congress will be held with the participation and support of the Russian Ministry of Nature, the Russian Environmental Operator, and the Clean Country Association. 

The list of Wasma exhibitors will include more than 100 foreign and local manufacturers and suppliers of equipment from 14 countries. The exposition will occupy two pavilions.

Around 50 % of exhibitors either take part in the event for the first time or skipped participation in previous years.


Visitors will learn more about equipment and new technologies for waste recycling and wastewater treatment.

EcoLine will tell the audience about the latest waste management cycle, which incorporates separate collection, sorting of waste and transfer of as many useful components for recycling as possible. It will also introduce visitors to the preparatory work for city-wide separate waste collection in terms of infrastructure, awareness-raising and people involvement, and B2B partnerships in greening.

KRAKER TRAILERS will present an all-purpose semitrailer with a hydraulic walking floor system for horizontal loading and unloading CARGO FLOOR.

At the exhibition stand of RG-Techno, visitors are invited to see a garbage truck designed to transport “boat”-type and similar hoppers with heavy loads for rough terrains.

Specialists of ECONATSPROJECT will demonstrate a gathering tray conveyor for transporting materials with a density of up to 350 kg/m3. Hot-dip galvanizing is used as basic coating.


Municipal vehicles and machinery will also be displayed at the stand of Techno Union, a company which designs and supplies specialized vehicles for waste management, freight transportation, as well as machinery for road repair and maintenance.

TransLes will present a new trailer model TL-Platform for the transportation of replaceable containers according to DIN 30722.

At the stand of Cominvest-AKMT, visitors will learn about the advantages of using the Goupil G3 electric vehicle. This garbage truck model is furnished with an aluminium garbage hopper with a tipper. 100 % environmentally friendly, the G3 garbage truck is perfect for garbage collection in central urban areas.

TorgKoms-Group will display hook loaders manufactured by Italian ТАМ. Manufacture of these loaders involves the use of Strenx 700 high-strength materials.

Stalkont will demonstrate a new series of containers Steel Barrel 36; as well as boat-type open and covered waste containers to fit the MKS system.

RUSMET will present the RUMBID waste shredding machine which allows reducing the volume of solid household waste by crushing the source product to a smaller size with the separation of liquids and solids.

ATI MULLER will offer visitors pyrolytic incinerators for the disposal of medical and industrial waste.

ATLASMASH will exhibit equipment for the recycling of plastic and wood waste.

Thermocatalytic waste neutralisation and treatment plant TKO-500 will be displayed at the exhibition by VIROTEKH. The plant capacity is 4,000 tons per year (500 kg/h).

VodEcoFilter will show equipment for water purification and conditioning, which is suitable for application across all industries.

Gradochist will exhibit a new model of containers for separate collection of plastic waste, designed for side-load garbage trucks: MAZ KO-440, KAMAZ KO-440, GAZ KO-440, ZIL KO-440.

PLANT SANTEKS will offer euro bins for the collection, storage and transportation of solid household waste.

KEMET will present filtering materials based on polypropylene, polyester or viscose for  filtering liquids.

Geodor will demonstrate three-layered geomembrane liners with a signal layer.

Darex Pro will present the DS 440 twin shaft shredder.

ECOSORT, the first NIR optical sorter made in Russia, will be exhibited at the stand of CSort.

EcoTechnologies will present services for waste segregation and recycling; ensuring compliance with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements; polymer recycling at the company plant in Tver, etc.

THM recycling solutions will present a CM-series cutting mill and an AG-series granulator.

At Wasma, activists of the environmental movement for segregation of waste “RazDelny Sbor” will be collecting

rarely accepted waste for recycling, such as small appliances up to 1 kg, CDs, cassettes, cartridges, pens, etc.

The business agenda of the exhibition includes the First International Environmental Technology Congress Wasma.

The Congress is a meeting place for authorities, regional operators, waste recycling professionals, environmental engineers of industrial enterprises, mass media, as well as the general public who are not indifferent to environmental issues.

The program of the first day of the Congress, October 22nd, will include a plenary session titled “60/30 Program: From a Dump of Problems to an Effective Industry”.  Among the participants of the main event of the Congress are: CEO of the Russian Environmental Operator Mr Denis Butsaev, Leader of the Working Group on Environment and Nature Management under the Expert Council of the Russian Federation Government Mr Rashid Ismailov, Executive Director of the Clean Country Association Mr Ruslan Gubaydullin, Chairman of the Nature Management & Environment Committee of Business Russia Mr Ildar Neverov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Finland Mikko Hautala, Business Development Director at EcoLine Mr Dmitry Gerasimenko, and others.

The plenary session will address the issues of the general development strategy for the industry, governmental regulation and tariff-setting frameworks, as well as provide an overview of the real situation in Russia from the perspective of both the business community and branch departments.

The plenary session will be followed by a roundtable discussion. It will be focused on financial programs and tools in support of the waste management market players.

The closing point on the first-day business agenda will be the International Section for Experience and Technology Exchange. Representatives of Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Head of GIZ Ms Julia Grishchenkova will share the German expertise which is being implemented and applied in the Russian Federation.

The second day of the Congress, October 23rd, will be dedicated to technologies, namely — the holistic approach to the recycling process. Experts will present a realistic view of what is going on at certain facilities, raise the question of introducing cutting-edge technologies and high-performance equipment within the framework of the technology session titled “Recycling: Earn, Not Throw Away! Feasible Packaged Solutions for Solid Municipal Waste Management”.

The morning of October 23rd will start with a business branch titled “Prospects for Waste Recycling in Russia. Big Plans for Reuse of Waste and Best Practices from Central Europe”. The event is organised by OWС Verlag für Außenwirtschaft GmbH.

The International Section for Experience and Technology Exchange will mark the end of the second day. Representatives of Swedish environmental and waste recycling enterprises will share their know-how in waste processing and disposal. A welcome speech will be made by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Sweden Malena Mard.

The schedule of business events on the last day of the Congress, October 24th, will include a discussion panel titled “Waste Under Control: EPR as an Effective Environmental Policy Tool”. The hot issues on the agenda are, of course, the current situation in Russia, the valid standards and future legislative initiatives; transparent EPR schemes; case study of EPR compliance schemes delivery in industry and retail, and many other issues.

Over the three-day program of the Congress, every business event will be held with the participation of representatives of the Russian Environmental Operator.

The General Sponsor of Wasma will be EcoLine Group.

Professionals are invited to visit the exhibition free of charge by getting an e-ticket at www.wasma.ru. Use promo code wpress19.

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