Garbage trucks from KRAKER TRAILERS


KRAKER TRAILERS (the Netherlands) is a manufacturer of multi-purpose semi-trailers with CARGO FLOOR hydraulic walking floor horizontal loading and unloading system.

Modern developments and ultralight alloys, used in the manufacture, make it possible for the semi-trailers with min weight of 7300 kg to be loaded with up to 106 m3 of cargo.

In all towns and cities urban household waste is collected and transported by small 3-25 m3 garbage trucks, which are indispensable for waste transportation within the city limits.


Long-distance transportation of solid household waste (150-300 km) from the collection point to the sorting or recycling point is performed by specially equipped walking floor semi-trailers (garbage trucks). Generally, such semi-trailers have increased body capacity (up to 106m3), specific loading mechanism and unloading system, depending on waste type.

And there is a good economic reason for this, if we calculate costs of household waste transportation by 20 m3 light trucks and costs of solid household waste transportation by 92m3 (standard capacity) walking floor semi-trailers (garbage trucks), we will see a significant difference, solid household waste transportation costs decrease by several times.

In Europe long-distance solid household waste transportation has generally been performed by walking floor semi-trailers for quite some time, however such semi-trailers are successfully used in Russia as well. Thus, Spetstrans Vehicle Fleet No 1, JSC (Saint Petersburg) has been implementing the world waste recycling technologies for a long time, using KRAKER TRAILERS semi-trailers to transport waste from the collection point to the recycling point and to transport recycled renewable fuel to local fuel and energy complex stations.

With properly executed logistics, use of KRAKER TRAILERS walking floor semi-trailers enables to transport solid household waste from the collection point to the recycling point in one direction, while transporting sorted compacted household waste or waste in bulk by KRAKER TRAILERS semi-trailers in opposite direction or such semi-trailers can be used to transport recycled household waste fractions to the end user thereof.


KRAKER TRAILERS walking floor solid household waste semi-trailers are equipped with Cargo Floor hydraulic system and have a number of additional features. Semi-trailers are operated with 4х2, 6х2, 6х4 trucks, equipped with dual hydraulic truck power take-off system.

Cargo, which can be transported by KRAKER TRAILERS semi-trailers, include, but not limited to:

- compacted waste paper or waste paper in bulk;
- aluminum (scrap, processing waste);
- polyethylene (compressed, in bulk);
- freight (coils, bags);
- waste cloth (compacted and in bulk);
- aluminum and metal cans (in bulk and compacted);
- large waste packages (bales, big bags, coils);
- rubber (tyre casings);
- crushed glass;
- pallets;
- slag;
- old furniture;
- household waste.

KRAKER TRAILERS specializes exclusively on manufacture of walking floor trailers and semi-trailers and development of this field, therefore KRAKER TRAILERS is living up to its title of the Master of Walking Floor Trailers Manufacture!


Manufacture of KRAKER TRAILERS semi-trailers with hydraulic horizontal loading and unloading system has been refined to such extent that makes it possible for the plant to manufacture sufficiently low cost walking floor semi-trailers of exceptional quality and provide 5-year guarantee to its chip trucks. Low Costs, Longer Life is yet another slogan of KRAKER TRAILERS!

You can find out more about garbage trucks from the KRAKER TRAILERS  company from October 22 to 24 at the exhibition Wasma, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pav. 4.1

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