Environmental operator sorted garbage companies


The Russian environmental operator selected only 15 garbage processing projects that meet the criteria for the effectiveness of the Ecology national project. They account for the sorting is only 3% of waste in Russia.

The Russian environmental operator selected 15 out of 165 waste sorting projects throughout Russia. This is stated in a letter to the Director General of the Russian environmental operator Denis Butsaev, which he sent to Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev, who oversees the waste management reform that started in Russia since the beginning of the year.


Projects selected by the Russian environmental operator

  • sorting mixed municipal solid waste in Moscow of the Charter company, owned by businessman and son of the prosecutor general Igor Chaika;
  • three projects in the Leningrad Region: Profspectstrans, owned by Olga Zhuk, an entrepreneur, waste management company in the Leningrad Region, Profit, a consulting consulting group, and Starobryadcheskaya communal production complex, owned by St. Petersburg Novy Svet- Eco "(among its co-owners" Fleet number 1 "Spetstrans");
  • three projects in Bashkiria: “Eco Ufa” (control by the general director Nikolai Shtol), regional operator “Eco City” (37% by the general director Semyon Zemsokva) and LLC Polygon, controlled by businessman Ruslan Latypov;
  • two projects in the Orel region: Ecograd and EcoCity, which belong to different individuals;
  • four projects of manual waste sorting in Arkhangelsk (LLC “AMPK”), Voronezh (“Commonwealth of managing companies Region-95”), Kaluga (“Progress - Transport Technologies”) regions and the Stavropol Territory (Nezlobnaya waste sorting station) and two automated projects sorting - "Ecograd" in the Oryol region and ZDRO No. 1 MSC in the Ulyanovsk region.

These 15 projects will be included in the Library of Best Practices for Technologies Used.

Sourse: www.rbc.ru


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