17th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste management, recycling and wastewater treatment
2 - 4 March 2021 • Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pavilions 4 and 4.1

The President signed a law on waste management of hazard classes I and II

Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 26 signed a Federal law aimed at improving the legal regulation in the field of waste management, as well as the system of waste management of I and II classes of danger. A number of amendments to the signed law were developed and proposed by the Russian Ecological Operator.

In particular the federal law “Russian Ecological Operator” is vested with the right to develop and approve a federal scheme for handling MSW. The document also establishes the requirements for it.

Disagreements over territorial schemes between regions, federal executive bodies and subjects, as well as disputes between regions and the CPP REO will be considered by the Government of Russia. The Russian Ecological Operator will analyze regional territorial schemes for optimality and compliance with the law.


For informational support of activities related to the treatment of MSW, including planning and control in this area, a federal law provides for the creation of a state accounting system for MSW. It allows you to control the movement of waste from the source to the landfill or the object of their disposal. With its creation, the quality of tariff regulation will improve and work to ensure environmental safety will be built more effectively, because the movement of waste and payments will be controlled by the state.

In addition the law defines the requirements for this information system. The order of its creation, modernization and operation including the order and methods of placing information in it.

“Together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia, we proposed amendments to the federal law, which the President has signed today. New rules will eliminate various flaws in the legislation. Thanks to them, it will be possible to fully develop the industry at all levels ”, - said Denis Butsaev, general director of the REO.

Source: www.reo.ru

The exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste management, recycling and wastewater treatment Wasma will be held from 22 to 24 October in Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, pav. 4.1.

We invite all professionals connected with the waste recycling industry to visit the exhibition.

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