Putin will personally monitor the reform of the recycling industry


At the last direct line with Vladimir Putin on June 20, the issues of garbage reform were discussed.

Live shows were shown photos from several regions of Russia with debris. V. Putin promised to personally control the decision of the dumps in these regions.

"I hope we will be able to restore order there soon. Despite the fact that this is an unattractive topic is garbage, but I will also be looking at this, "- he said.


Putin added that the results of the implementation of garbage reform should be visible immediately. "People should see the result, and this is not the case when you need to delay for 20 years. These results should be seen by now," he continued.

Vladimir Putin was asked another question about the tariffs for garbage collection, which increased significantly.


According to the president, the growth of tariffs for garbage collection is inevitable: “Nobody ever considered how much garbage collection costs. And this is also money: you need to use transport, fuel, pay drivers and so on <...> You need to have at least primary money in order for the system [waste management] to start working. "

Putin recalled that the program for creating a new infrastructure for municipal waste management in Russia is creating 200 recycling enterprises.

Source: www.tass.ru


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