For the first time RUSMET company will exhibit at Wasma


NPP RUSMET manufacturing plant designs and manufactures containers, steel structures, metal ware and provides metal-working services as well as blanc production services, metal sheet cutting and bar sections services.

The state of the art lines, based on the high-tech imported equipment, enable rapid and high quality manufacturing of metal ware such as containers for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, stainless steel containers, food processing equipment, gasoline and oil containers, reservoirs for liquid and bulky materials, waste treatment facilities, drainage well systems, tanks of RV (vertical) and RG (horizontal) types, sheds, steel structures and light steel structures, steel structure parts, spans, trusses, pillars, space structures, sliding bearings, reinforcing blocks, embedded and formed parts, flanges, exterior and interior decorative elements etc. NPP RUSMET supplies materials for building contractors as well as part blanks for machinery and equipment manufacturers.


In August 2013 NPP RUSMET production obtained worldwide recognition and became the license holder of the Hardox wear plate trade mark, which enables them to use the Hardox wear-resistant steel of Swedish steel company SSAB for manufacturing metal ware and to use the trade mark for their own marketing purposes. In January 2014 NPP RUSMET plant became the main certified metal manufacturing plant of the SSAB steel corporation in accordance with the Hardox wearparts programme.

At the exhibition, the company will present a surface runoff treatment plant.

In 2019 Wasma will be held from 22 to 24 October in Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pav. 4.1.

Now there is an active booking of the exhibition area.  To exhibit at Wasma 2019 fill the application>>

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