Recycling solution for PVC windows profiles


Company VCC solves recycling problem with Turbo Crusher typ TQZ1200 from THM recycling solutions GmbH

Company VCC Verwertungs-Centrum Castrop GmbH & Co. KG, based in Castrop-Rauxel (North Rhine-Westphalia), offers a wide range of services for demolition and recycling of building materials. The range of services offered by the medium-sized company with around 50 employees ranges from dismantling and refilling, transports and container services to the recycling and treatment of scrap metal and rubble. VCC is able to dispose and recycle construction materials and construction waste as well as green and wood waste, tar paper, eternite or asbestos.

In the last years, old windows out of PVC frames, which occur by the demolition of buildings, are a growing challenge for recycling at VCC. As incineration or disposal of PVC profiles is no longer allowed, the managing director and owner of VCC Peter Bogdanski had to find an alternative In order to be able to recycle the PVC windows economically and profitably.

He found the solution to his problem in a Turbo Crusher type TQZ1200 from THM recycling solutions GmbH. The Turbo Crusher with a 90 kW motor and a throughput capacity of around five tons per hour went into operation in March 2016. The Turbo Crusher TQZ1200 is crushing and disintegrating the material with impact tools instead with knives. Since the crushing tools consist of inexpensive chain links, the operation costs are very low. The grinding chamber of ​​the TQZ1200 is lined with replaceable Hardox® wear parts. This also contributes to extremely low maintenance costs.

With THM's Turbo Crusher, material composites such as for example, plastic metal composites can be separated very efficiently. The PVC windows and roller shutters, pre-cut to about one meter, are fed into the TQZ1200 by a belt conveyor. The material compound is crushed and disintegrated within seconds. A further advantage is that the windows can be delivered as they come from demolition - even with adherent concrete residues or with glass. The new installed recycling equipment enables a high level of flexibility, according to VCC.

CEO Peter Bogdanski also liked how THM managed to install and commissioning the plant. Further application possibilities for the TQZ1200 have already been identified by VCC: the processing of nail scrap from the waste wood treatment. In the future, the plant is to be utilized to 10% for this task. The preparation of more complex material components with the TQZ1200 is also conceivable.

About THM recycling solutions:

THM recycling solutions GmbH is a sales and marketing company which belongs to  Maschinenbau Ehehalt GmbH from Eppingen-Mühlbach (Germany), a company with over 30 years expertise in manufacturing and development of recycling machines and with more than 1000 installed machines recycling machines worldwide.

The product portfolio includes robust Granulators, Turbo Crusher, Cutting Mills, Hammer Mills, Shredders as well as Pre-Shredder. In addition THM provides a wide range of service to his customers. 

More information about the THM equipment company will be available from at the Wasma exhibition.

23-25 October, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pavillon 4. 1, Booth B335.











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