Biogas plant for slaughter waste from THM recycling solutions company


ENSPAR Biogas GmbH has designed and supplied a biogas plant to Eastern Europe. The Plant generates biogas with a capacity of 800 kW, Up to 32,000 t/year of slaughter waste can be processed and fermented.


The material handling area consists of a pit in which the components for material feeding, crushing and interim storage of the slaughter waste are placed. A Bio-Turbo-Crusher type Bio-TQZ900 from THM recycling solutions GmbH is used for crushing of the slaughter waste.

Quality makes the difference when producing biogas. Substrate required for for efficient production of biogas, it could give big amount of methane with a high quality. The BIO TQZ from THM produces the necessary quality of methane. In distinction to usual cutting mills, the Bio-TQZ does not cut the Input materials with knives but crush it with a rotating chain. The rotating chain destroys the fibers of the plant materials/craps, and breaks up the structure of the plant cells. The result is a homogeneous substrate which is decomposed – by bacteria - much faster and produces a much higher output of biogas. Foreign substances can be separated.

In a cylindrical vertical grinding chamber rotating chain elements hits and accelerates the input material.

  • Higher efficiency through less dwell time of the substrate in the fermenter and increased gas yield
  • High throughput capacity up to 10 t/h
  • Cost savings by avoiding the use of an additional mixer
  • Safe separation of contaminants, such as plastic bags and packaging from the organic material
  • Recycling of difficult input materials
  • No floating layer at the fermenter
  • Low cost tools
  • Minimal wear costs
  • Liquid manure, cow / horse dung with straw
  • organic waste
  • food craps
  • packed foods
  • fruits and vegetables (beyond expiration date)
  • Homogeneous pumpable substrate of any consistency trough adjustable dwell time and adding of liquid materials.

More information about the THM equipment company will be available from at the Wasma exhibition.

23-25 October, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pavillon 4. 1, Booth B335.



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