Neutralization system of offensive odour from the company ECOLO (OKS Groups)


Ecolo (OKS Group) will exhibit in Wasma for the first time.

Engineering consulting company OKS Group has developed a unique system of neutralizing odors "Wet barrier". The system is a main line with nozzles, through which a finely dispersed solution of a specially selected concentrate is sprayed. The advantage of the concentrates used in the system is that they do not mask the unpleasant smell, but destroy its carriers.


The “Wet barrier” system is ideal for use in municipal solid waste landfills, waste sorting and recycling complexes. In addition, it can be used to neutralize odour in other unorganized sources, such as sludge maps of treatment plants.

The reagents used are safe for humans and the environment. Therefore, such systems can be installed both outdoors and indoors.

Learn more about the neutralization system of offensive odour from "OKS Group" on Wasma exhibition in Moscow in Sokolniki ECC, pav. 4.1.

Dates of the exhibition: 23-25 October



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