Pyrolysis equipment from Pyrolysis-Ekoprom


For the first time at Wasma will exhibit company Pyrolysis-Ekoprom.

The company present T-PU1.It carry out the processing, neutralization and recycling of carbon containing wastes of hazard classes 1-5, including contaminated (waste rubber, including old tires; fuel oil; waste from oil and gas extraction; synthetic and mineral oil, sludge oil and oil products, sludge containing solvents; waste paint and varnish vehicles; medical waste; cleaning material contaminated with oil; containers contaminated plastic, contaminated oily film; wood waste, including railway wooden sleepers, cellulose, paper and cardboard, roofing material, roofing material, coke, peat, etc.).

In the process of recycling of most types of waste is obtained marketable products in the form of heating oil and carbonized residue (carbon black). Pyrolysis of some types of waste (peat, etc.) produces a large amount of pyrolysis gas that can be generated into electricity.

Watch a video presentation about the utilization of tires and oil sludge at the T-PU1 with the production of heating oil (up to 80%), depending on the types of raw materials:

You can discuss the features of operation, cost and installation of pyrolysis equipment at Wasma exhibition in Moscow, from 23 to 25 October, Sokolniki ECC, pav. 4.1.



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