Wasma 2017 Exhibition: Building a Modern Waste Management Market in Russia


From 17 to 19 October 2017, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host Wasma 14th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Waste Management, Recycling and Water Treatment. The event is organised by ITE Group leading in the Russian market of exhibition services.

From 17 to 19 October 2017, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host Wasma 14th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Waste Management, Recycling and Water Treatment. The event is organised by ITE Group leading in the Russian market of exhibition services.

Wasma is a specialised annual exhibition introducing visitors to equipment designed to collect, transport, sort out and recycle industrial and household waste, as well as to water treatment and conditioning equipment.

Today, state regulation in the waste management field fosters a culture of efficient waste recycling. Sixty-four constituent entities of the Russian Federation have already prepared territorial waste management schemes and are selecting regional SMW handling operators by tender. There is a demand for waste sorting and recycling equipment growing across these regions.

Visiting Wasma, therefore, will allow companies, which seek to become regional operators or which have already obtained this status, to choose the best options for organising an integrated waste recycling system from the wide array of equipment displayed at the exhibition.

While visiting Wasma 2017, managers and ecologists of commercial facilities and production plants will find containers and euro containers for bulky waste; containers for separate collection of household waste; waste sorting equipment; recycling equipment for rubber, polymer, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, wood and metal products; biological waste recovery equipment; and industrial waste treatment equipment.

70 leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies for waste recovery and recycling, water treatment and conditioning will present their equipment and services. More than 20 companies will attend the exhibition for the first time.

Thus, FHF ANLAGENTECHNIK GmbH (Germany) will offer household waste sorting / recycling equipment and lines, and conveyor equipment to the Russian market.

Sutco, Megalion, TYAZHPRESSMASH, Econatsproekt and Ecomashgroup will showcase solutions for design, construction and management of material recovery facilities.

ARCON, PENZMASH, Ecogold Standard and Ecopromservice will present worn tyre / rubber waste processing equipment.

ODWEY will showcase its turnkey solutions: PET washing and crushing lines, PE / PP washing and recycling lines, lines for wastepaper recycling into a finished product, large-size metal cutting and pressing equipment, and construction waste recycling equipment.

Municipal vehicles will be presented by RariTEC and Ecomtech-Trading.
Raskat’s booth will provide information on the features of the REM-25 seal that has been successfully employed at many SDW landfills.

Solutions for advanced, eco-friendly SMW landfills, including filtrate / wastewater collection and treatment systems (reverse osmosis plants, evaporators) and landfill gas collection, treatment and recovery systems (flares, unit cogeneration plants) will be presented by EKOKOM.

Nonwoven Fabric Factory Ves Mir will present adsorbent materials for wastewater treatment and collection of petroleum and oil spills from water surface.
April and Integrated Operations Control Centre will offer industrial waste collection and recovery services.

EcoTechnologies Group will present a solid waste compactor manufactured by its subsidiary RzhevMash.

Organic waste recycling equipment will displayed by: BIODEGMA GmbH, ABONO, ATAMA (Eco-Spectrum), Agrocompost and Current Environmental Technologies.
Lanotech-Engineering will offer an environmental technology for materials briquetting and mechanic activation. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to familiarise themselves with equipment for briquetting, recycling and recovery of metallurgical waste, as well as organic and mineral waste of industrial and farm production.

The booth of Log-Processing Equipment will display a hogging machine in operation.

The exhibition will traditionally display a wide variety of refuse compacting and hogging equipment. CPM Europe, ProShop, Sacria Industries, R.C.P. SA, Walle, Aleco Machinery, Paster Holding, Presona, Servipress, Ecorosstroy and other companies. Water treatment equipment and technologies will be presented by the following companies: DANGO & DIENENTHAL GmbH, KROHNE, SALMORU, WAM Moscow, TVENCO, TSENTR, Ecoengineering and Eco-Potential.
The booths of the following companies will display a range of dustbins: IPLAST, CONTR, TORG KOMS, RG Ecotech, Spetsmekhanizatsiya.

Business Programme

This year, the exhibition business programme will have a new format including interactive business events in a separate temporary conference room in Pavilion 4.1.

The programme includes interactive practical business games of building a new SMW management system in Russia and a conference arranged by a group of Swedish companies with the assistance of the Embassy of Sweden, which will present innovative waste management technologies based on sustainable development principles.

The plenary meeting Russia’s New Waste Management System in Operation is scheduled for 17 October, where the participants will consider the practices of applying regulations and revising current regulations that govern construction, operation and closure of enterprises dealing with waste neutralisation, recycling, recovery and disposal. Experts will discuss the issues of applying environmental requirements for waste management (including SMW) and supervising the conservation of closed landfills and their further environmental impact.

A series of business games and round tables will be held on 17–19 October:

  • the business game of building a new SMW management system in Russia: “SMW Control – Stability and Risks” (as exemplified by Russian regions),
  • the practical business game using a SMW landfill example: “Obtaining a Comprehensive SMW Permit. A New Waste Management System in Russia. Allowing for SMW Landfill Operation Features when Obtaining a Comprehensive Environmental Permit”,
  • Seminar: “Innovative, Environmentally Sound Technologies as the Key Priority for Sweden Companies” that will feature Thomas Nylund, an expert of the Swedish Waste Management Association, who will deliver the report “99% Recycling – It Is Possible”.

Experts may visit www.wasma.ru.to get an e-ticket for free admission.

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