15th Anniversary international exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste management, recycling and wastewater treatment
23 - 25 October 2018 • Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pavilion 4.1

Russia: look into the future

The Russian economy is expected to grow to almost $4 trillion in 2018 year.

Russia is the 6th largest economy in the world.

Waste generation volume in Russia is 3.5 bln t.  Wastes is taken to the landfill about 90%  (>35 mln t).  Only 10% of MSW are recycled.

15-20 mln t organic waste goes to landfills per year that is equal to 1/3 fertilizers used in agriculture in Russia (53 mln t).

Waste paper and paperboard volume annually (~15 mln t) that is almost in 3 times higher than the volume of pulp produced in Russia (~6 mln t).

Waste Market in Russia

By 2019 it is planned to complete the formation of the modern sector of waste management in Russia.

The Government has adopted the list of wastes that cannot be landfilled and must be recycled. The following waste is prohibit to landfill:

Since 01/01/2017 - ferrous and non‐ferrous scrap and mercury containing equipment and products;

Since 01/01/2018 - paper and cardboard waste, tires, thermoplastic, glass and glass product;

Since 01/01/2020 ‐ computers, electronic, optical and electrical equipment.

Russian Government obliged the regional authorities to develop, approve and implement the special territorial scheme of waste management.

  • Regional authorities are obliged to choose the waste management operator
  • Solid fares for collection and transportation of wastes will be established
  • The order of calculation of payments for the negative impact on the environment is adopted

44 bln euro investments will be required for Russia to reach the level of processing and recycling of waste 38-40%.

If you want lean more about Russian market of wastes will visit International exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste management, recycling and water treatment Wasma that will take place 17-19 October in Moscow.