Modern equipment and cutting-edge technologies for waste management will be showcased at the Wasma 2

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The 20th anniversary International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment, will take place in Expocentre, Moscow, from the 19th to the 21st of March

Modern equipment and cutting-edge technologies for waste management will be showcased at the Wasma 2024 exhibition
Wasma 2024 is a significant event in the industry, where the latest equipment and technologies for waste processing, disposal, decontamination and transportation, as well as equipment and technologies for water treatment and sewage purification, will be presented.

The Wasma exhibition contributes to addressing current challenges in forming a comprehensive system for managing municipal and industrial waste, aligning with the goals of the national “Ecology” project.

The public company “Russian Environmental Operator” (PPK “REO”), implementing the “Ecology” project in the field of solid waste management, will act as a co-organiser of Wasma.

On the first day of the exhibition, March 19, the CEO of MVK company, Alexander Shtalenkov and the CEO of PPK “REO”, Denis Butsaev, will sign a cooperation agreement.

Working hours for visitors:
19th of March – 10:00–18:00
20th of March – 10:00–18:00
21st  of March – 10:00–16:00

Moscow, Expocentre Central Exhibition Complex, Pavilion № 3.

Wasma 2024 exposition

The Wasma 2024 exhibition will feature more than 70 companies from Russia, China, the Republic of Belarus and Turkey, showcasing the latest technologies and equipment. Thematic sections of the Wasma 2024 exhibition correspond to the main areas of activity of companies in the equipment and services market for solid waste management and water treatment.

In the section “Equipment for waste processing/utilization/disposal”, sorting lines, conveyor equipment, pressing equipment, crushing installations, granulators, separation equipment, pyrolysis equipment, incinerators and composting equipment will be presented.

The section “Machinery and equipment for waste collection, storage, and transportation” will include containers for bulky waist (BW), municipal solid waste (MSW), industrial waste (IW) and recyclable secondary materials (RSM), as well as specialised containers and special vehicles.

The section “Equipment for water treatment and wastewater purification” will demonstrate equipment for aeration and ozonation, membrane modules, installations for receiving waste from septic tanks, screens for mechanical cleaning, grease traps and flotation units, pumping equipment, filters, septic tanks, infiltrators, sterilisers and dosing equipment.

Let us introduce some Russian participants of the Wasma 2024 exhibition:

ABONO: This company specialises in the development and production of equipment for neutralising, disposing and transporting solid, liquid and gaseous waste. ABONO is one of the leaders in implementing advanced technologies for designing, constructing and manufacturing equipment for waste processing plants, waste sorting stations, biogas plants and plants for the mechanical-biological treatment of organic waste.

Zavod KDM: A Russian manufacturer of road and municipal machinery, Zavod KDM produces combined road machines and garbage trucks, including models with an increased share of domestic components (up to 90%).

BMT Company: Specialising in the production of equipment for industrial water treatment and wastewater purification, BMT also engages in designing, construction and modernisation of existing biological treatment facilities. They manufacture primary and auxiliary equipment for the deep purification of domestic and production wastewater with compositions similar to domestic ones.

Business programme

The business programme of the exhibition will include the 5th anniversary International Congress of Environmental Technologies and the 4th conference “Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Treatment”. The events will feature leading experts in waste management, business representatives and government officials as speakers.

The International Congress of Environmental Technologies will incorporate a track from the Russian Environmental Forum (REF), organised annually by the Russian Environmental Operator (REO). Within this track, there will be a session titled “Waste as an Opportunity: Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure”. Additionally, with the support of REO, there will be a plenary session of the forum on “‘Clean’ Economy: Realigning Approaches to Production and Consumption”. The main topics of the sessions will include industry reform in waste management, infrastructure development, building a closed-loop economy, financing and investment sources, digitalisation, the role of regional operators and public awareness campaigns.

Key topics of the congress include:
· “Clean” Economy: Realigning Approaches to Production and Consumption.
· Waste as an Opportunity: Investments in Sustainable Infrastructure.
· Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): New Approaches for Utilisers, Manufacturers and Importers.
· Effective Waste Management: Experience and Practices of Regional Operators.
· Development of Advancement Recycling Technologies and Incorporating Secondary Resources in Various Economic Sectors and Prospects for Scaling.
· Digital Development of the Industry and Implementation of Modern Technological Solutions for Efficient Waste Management.
· Workforce Challenges: Industry Demands for Professional and Additional Education Systems to Transition to a Circular Economy.

The conference “Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Treatment” will gather expert opinions on the state and prospects of the water treatment industry. It will also address achieving the required quality of treated water, creating demand for water treatment products and presenting the best available technologies in wastewater treatment. Environmental monitoring of water bodies will be one of the key topics of the conference.

Sponsor of the exhibition registration: Ecomashgroup.
Exhibition partner: Association for the Promotion of the Circular Economy “Resource”.
Conference sessions’ partners: Russian Association of Water Supply and Sewerage (RAWSS),
National Association of Water Supply and Sewerage (NAWSS), Erba-Eco Consulting.
Eco partners of the exhibition: “Ecologic” project, Edis Water Company.

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