Russian group of companies "Hausmann Rus" - participant of Wasma 2023


Russian group of companies "Hausmann Rus" develops, manufactures and supplies waste-sorting complexes and equipment: conveyors, presses, compactors, waste-removal stations, separators (optical, magnetic, air, ballistic, ichre-current), crushers and shredders for wood and waste.

Russian group of companies
Company "Husmann Rus" is the official exclusive representative of the German company Husmann GmbH, since 2004 the company has been implementing European experience in waste management in Russia, adapting it to the Russian reality. During this time the group of companies "Husmann Rus" has implemented in Russia more than 230 projects of various complexity, from single installations for baling, transshipment and shredding, to the high-tech automatic waste sorting complexes.
Since 2017 Hausmann Rus has been manufacturing import-substituting equipment for waste sorting complexes in Russia.


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