By the end of the year, 29 waste management facilities will be built


This year, construction of 29 waste management facilities will be completed, Denis Butsaev, head of the Russian Ecological Operator (REO), told RG during the Eastern Economic Forum.

By the end of the year, 29 waste management facilities will be built
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According to him, out of 1,100 facilities provided for by the federal scheme of waste management infrastructure facilities, only 150 are ready so far. Almost three dozen more will stand this year.
"They are being created with the money of regional operators and investors," Butsaev said. invested in 13 facilities under construction in 11 regions, with a total processing capacity of over 4 million tons of waste. "
In total, the industry was able to attract about 30 billion rubles of direct investment, and the total volume of investments made exceeds 50 billion rubles, added the head of PPK REO. Basically, investments go to facilities for sorting and processing waste, where there is a source of their return - the tariff of citizens. Recycling facilities are not yet so attractive, but after the instrument of extended producer responsibility becomes operational, the money will also go there, Butsaev said.

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